About Us

Welcome to our website.

Our mission is to offer our customers the best combination of rates and service.

FUTURE FORWARD is a dependable Third Party Logistics Provider, maintaining a single focus on providing our customers with unparalleled service while transporting their freight. FUTURE FORWARD TRANSPORT INC. strives to provide outstanding service to our customers. Over the years we have developed a wealth of carrier partnerships and alliances that continues to provide benefits to our clients. Our highly qualified carriers are insured, bonded and selected specifically from their past dependability.

We provide prompt billing, accuracy of invoicing and related documentation resulting is an extremely positive customer service experience. We are proud of our efficiency and the business relationships we have nurtured. Out sourcing your freight frees up your time to commit to other priorities.

vOur staff are experienced to route your outbound and inbound freight to suit your needs. We are able to accommodate all size of shipments and also have access to all equipment types. Quotes are free – there is no obligation to accept any quote we provide!

We look FORWARD to hearing from you in the FUTURE.


TRANSPORTATION MANAGEMENT demands a considerable amount of time, effort and experience.

Future Forward Transport Inc. is a Canadian owned and operated Third Party Logistics Supplier committed to earning its customer business by providing transportation solutions and

value for their transportation needs. Here are some ways we can assist your operation.

TIME MANAGEMENT. Company resources required to find carriers, shop rates, consolidate freight, book loads, track shipments, manage problems, etc. can be directed to other tasks or priorities.

FLEXIBILITY. Our network of carriers enables us to find the right transportation to fit your shipment and schedule. We are not restricted to the availability of local carriers or the lanes they frequent.

COST SAVINGS. Let us shop around for the most competitive rates. There is no obligation to accept any quote we provide. Quotes are free!

ACCOUNTING EFFICIENCIES. All shipments, regardless of the number of carriers, are consolidated on the invoices or can be customized to meet your accounting needs.

CUSTOMER SERVICE. Is an absolute priority and we expect nothing less from the carriers we contact. Our access to hundreds of carriers across Canada and the United States enables us to be selective and demanding. We monitor your shipments from pick-up to delivery and keep your informed on any delays. Our job is not over until your shipment reaches its destination on time and in good condition.